Ongoing Projects

Mineral Water Project

Mineral Water Project

Planting a mineral water plant in all villages. Our target is to establish a mineral water plant in every village of Kushinagar, Deoria, Maharajganj, Gorakhpur, and other nearby districts. 

Under this project, we are trying to provide pure drinking water to each and every community of our society. We are establishing mineral water plants in every village by which we can fulfill the drinking water requirements of the people. 

By this project, we also provide a job to one person of every village who operates the mineral water plant as well as distribute mineral water to the people and also motivate them about the benefits of mineral water. 

Why we need to planting mineral water plants in every village? 

As we know that water is the most essential requirement for human beings and when it comes to drinking purposes then it is a matter of life. But due to an increase in pollution the quality of underground water gets lower day by day and caused many diseases like Typhoid fever, Cholera, Diarrhoea, Malaria, Lead poisoning, etc. 

All these diseases are dangerous for life as well as very expensive for treatment. 

So, the only solution to all these problems is to start using mineral water. We also have some more benefits of mineral water such as-

  • By using mineral water we can improve bone health and prevent diseases like osteoporosis mainly found in women. 
  • Promote digestions. 
  • Glowing skins. 
  • Kidney protection. 
  • Prevent muscle cramps etc.